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Technology is constantly evolving. Every three to five years, the best practices that have just been accepted as standard change again. A retread of the ICT infrastructure is appropriate every ten years at the latest, so as not to fall so far behind the state of the art that you have to struggle with compatibility problems. Research and comparisons are made in order to select the optimal setup for one's own needs. After the euphoria about the new possibilities of the technologies and their
As many news websites and blogs have already reported, the bottleneck in semiconductor manufacturing is now hitting the enterprise equipment industry hard. AVM is suspending production of Fritzboxes until further notice, Cisco is expecting significant supply problems over the next 18 months, and even industry giants like Audi are having to shut down production of cars. The ubiquity of computer chips in almost every modern device, be it high-end networking equipment or just the washing machine at home, shows how
  We wish the team of Paw Heroes e.V. much success in their mission and thank you for the nice greetings on Facebook!
The world is moving ever closer together thanks to digital networking. Distances and locations are becoming less and less important. Data centers make any resource and software available anytime and anywhere. For the user, this state of affairs is ideal, as services can be ordered on a performance basis. This reduces costs and shifts issues such as provisioning and security completely to the service provider. As long as there is a suitably performant internet connection, services can be accessed anytime, anywhere. But what happens when
We congratulate Mr. Martin Keller on his certification as Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert. With this increase in know-how, we are considerably expanding our specialist capacities in the area of PRTG and look forward to new and challenging projects with Paessler PRTG.