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Software is the engine for successful and productive work in companies of all industries. From specialized production applications to simple MS Office licenses, everything is available. Software accounts for almost 30% of all IT costs in German companies. What many decision-makers are not aware of, however, is that since a landmark ruling by the EU Court of Justice in 2012, trading in used software licenses is permitted. With the sometimes large investment sums for volume licenses, uncertainty is natural for those responsible for the budget. However, especially
After a very good first quarter of 2021, we are proud to announce that we were able to improve our partner status with Paessler AG to Gold. The great response to the topic of Unified Infrastructure Monitoring has led to successes of our experts in the implementation of projects with PRTG in the last five months. With our triple qualification of Paessler Certified Training, Enterprise and Gold Partner, we now belong to a highly sought-after group of PRTG specialists. We are pleased
As specialists for heterogeneous network infrastructures, we now have access to the highest level of the best manufacturer-independent monitoring tool in Germany. With the PRTG Enterprise license, even very large, grown infrastructures can be monitored centrally. This makes it ideal for monitoring international infrastructures with a wide variety of measuring points. With our dual qualification as a training and enterprise partner, we can now professionally manage even the largest and most complex systems. More information and contact to our specialists here.
Hardware Lifecycle Management is a holistic approach to managing the entire useful life of your IT hardware, from acquisition, through operation and maintenance, to proper disposal. It concerns the phase before, the phase during as well as the phase after the use of the hardware. The experts of Inter Data Systems GmbH support and advise you in each of these phases in a competent and manufacturer-neutral manner. In the phase before the use of the hardware, the focus is on consulting, the
As in previous years, Inter Data Systems GmbH is committed to training young people and has repeatedly been honored by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for this commitment. The network specialist relies on the training of young people, not least to counteract the shortage of skilled workers on the labor market. "Social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate policy. We have been a training company for several years and in this way give young people a perspective in their professional lives. There are currently 2