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In the digital age, IT infrastructure is critical to business success. The rapid development of technology, the need for efficient data processing and the increasing demands for seamless data security make a well-thought-out IT strategy and reliable systems indispensable.

Vendor-independent IT consulting from IDS helps you strategically align and optimise your corporate IT to achieve business goals and gain competitive advantage. With our customised consulting services, we take the pressure off your IT department and help you optimise your IT infrastructure's security, efficiency and innovation.

The importance of professional IT consulting

Many companies need help to keep up with the demands of modern IT on top of their day-to-day business. The lack of internal resources or specialised skills can affect the functionality of technologies and the efficiency of business processes. Not only does this lead to competitive disadvantages but also security and compliance risks.

That's where professional IT consulting comes in. It helps organisations align their IT strategy with their business objectives, implement innovative solutions, and ensure the security and performance of the entire IT infrastructure. IT consultants have the expertise to guide organisations through the complexities of information technology, understand the latest technologies and find solutions that meet each company's unique needs.

Our approach: IT consulting from IDS

Customised IT consulting is an integral part of our service to ensure you get the right solutions for your IT infrastructure. We work with you to assess your current situation and requirements to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.

Our IT consulting services are modular. We offer different forms of collaboration tailored to your specific needs, whether it's developing holistic solutions for your entire enterprise IT or targeted support for individual challenges such as optimising your LAN, WLAN, SD-WAN or introducing cloud services.

Thanks to our multi-vendor approach, our IT consulting isn't tied to the products or limitations of a single manufacturer. Instead, we can choose from a wide range of technologies best suited to your situation. This flexibility allows us to deliver customised solutions that specifically support your business objectives.

The consulting process

We understand there's no one-size-fits-all approach to high-performance IT infrastructure. Every organisation has different requirements for functionality, security and performance. We take the following approach to develop customised strategies, security concepts and other solutions:

  1. Analysis of your needs

    It starts with thoroughly analysing your current IT infrastructure and business needs. We determine your strengths and identify areas for improvement.

  2. Definition of objectives

    We define clear objectives for your IT together. These goals are based on your business requirements and allow us to develop a tailored strategy.

  3. Development of individual concepts

    We develop a customised solution based on the analysis of your needs and objectives. We consider current needs and future developments to ensure long-term efficiency and scalability.

Our services range from planning to implementation, including the roll-out of LAN, WLAN, SD-WAN and cloud services. This holistic approach allows us to make recommendations and ensure practical implementation.

We're happy to manage your service providers and act as a single point of contact to coordinate the different elements of your IT project. We ensure your projects run smoothly while freeing up your internal IT department. 

Specialist areas of our IT consulting


We develop customised concepts for the following areas of your IT infrastructure:

Design concept

An efficient network design is the foundation of a well-functioning IT infrastructure. In a detailed design concept, we plan the optimal network topology, consider security aspects and integrate innovative technologies to maximise the performance of your network.

Security concept

A comprehensive security concept is essential to protect your systems and data from threats. We identify potential risks, implement robust security protocols, train your staff and integrate solutions that ensure a comprehensive security architecture.

Operating concept

We develop strategies to optimise the use of your resources, implement effective monitoring solutions and ensure smooth IT operations. Our aim is to organise your IT infrastructure so that it meets your current needs and is flexible enough to support future developments.

Troubleshooting concept

In the event of an incident, a clearly defined plan of action is essential to minimise downtime and interruptions to operations. Our experts will analyse potential vulnerabilities, develop clear troubleshooting procedures and ensure your business is quickly back up and running in the event of an emergency.

Maintenance concept

Regular maintenance is key to the long-term performance of your IT infrastructure. We develop customised maintenance plans that include regular checks, updates and optimisations. Through proactive maintenance, we minimise downtime and ensure the continuity of your business processes.

Focus on efficiency and security — Optimise your IT infrastructure with IT consulting from IDS

With over 30 years of experience and expertise, IDS is a reliable partner for tailored IT consulting. Our in-depth understanding of the needs of modern businesses enables us to develop customised and efficient solutions for your IT.

At IDS, we're unafraid to break new ground and pursue innovative approaches. Our vendor independence allows us to find the best solutions for your needs, paying particular attention to cost efficiency and performance.

Our professional IT consulting allows you to focus on your core competencies while we optimise and secure your IT infrastructure. With IDS as your partner, you gain both efficiency and security for your company's digital future.


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