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A reliable and modern network infrastructure is essential for businesses and the private sector in our connected world. In particular, the introduction of Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) has fundamentally changed how businesses and private users operate their networks. Peplink offers high-quality solutions that make networks more efficient, reliable and secure.

As a Peplink Gold Partner, IDS offers its customers state-of-the-art networking solutions for a wide range of requirements. We can advise you on your requirements and help optimise your network with Peplink's high-performance solutions.

What role does Peplink play in network and communication technology?

Peplink provides reliable and easy-to-use networking hardware for businesses and home users. Peplink is particularly strong in advanced SD-WAN solutions. In recent years, SD-WAN has become a key technology, providing more bandwidth, higher WAN reliability and efficient cost optimisation in the network sector. Peplink has played a decisive role in this area by developing high-quality SD-WAN routing systems and access points that improve the performance and reliability of WAN connections.

Peplink has helped many customers migrate from traditional WAN to its reliable SD-WAN solutions to optimise the management and control of their network. In addition, the company continues to develop new hardware that delivers SD-WAN capabilities and keeps pace with the latest demands of cloud computing. By virtualising VPN bonding, virtual machines can be used on popular platforms such as Amazon Web Services. This enables the smooth setup of VPN networks using Peplink's edge devices and simplifies firmware updates and configuration changes, as hundreds of devices can be managed using a single cloud-based management software called InControl2.

The importance of Peplink extends to networks of all sizes, from home office environments and corporate networks to mobile applications such as emergency vehicles, ships, buses and trains.

What advantages does Peplink offer?

Peplink has earned an excellent reputation in the world of network technology. As a manufacturer of innovative SD-WAN solutions, Peplink offers numerous advantages:

  1. SpeedFusion technology

    Peplink's SpeedFusion technology is a patented VPN technology that can combine multiple WAN connections into a single encrypted connection between multiple Peplink units, ensuring a fast and reliable connection. The technology is particularly useful in situations where bandwidth is at a premium, such as in a remote location or in a moving vehicle. It is able to minimise the impact of packet loss by using intelligent algorithms to bridge connection gaps.
  2. Reliability

    Peplink is known for its high-quality products, characterised by their durability and reliability. The devices are designed for continuous use in demanding environments.

  3. Variety

    Peplink offers a wide range of hardware and solutions to meet the different networking needs of businesses and home users. In addition to SD-WAN, these include VPN for branch networking, mobile bandwidth bonding and enterprise WiFi.

  4. Usability

    Peplink products are simple and intuitive to use. The company aims to design and manufacture the most reliable and user-friendly routers.

  5. Security

    Peplink takes security seriously and incorporates advanced security features into its devices, ensuring the protection of sensitive company data.

  6. Improved WAN reliability

    Through innovative features such as WAN link bonding, Peplink offers improved WAN reliability. Peplink's SD-WAN solutions also offer intelligent failover options to ensure that traffic flows smoothly even if one WAN connection fails.

  7. Innovative strength

    As a pioneer in the industry, Peplink continuously invests in research and development to offer innovative solutions and drive the technological progress of its products and solutions.

  8. Customer support and global presence

    Peplink offers excellent customer support, which helps minimise network downtime and keep your business up and running. The company's global presence ensures fast access to products and services wherever you are.

Our Peplink products and services

We are proud to have held Peplink's Gold partner status since 2019, which recognises our years of experience and expertise in delivering Peplink products and solutions.

As a Peplink Gold Partner, we also offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers. Below are some of the key services we offer around Peplink's solutions:


Consulting and analysis of your needs

Our experienced consultants are on hand to understand your network requirements and help select the best Peplink solutions for your specific situation. We'll analyse your network, identify weaknesses and develop tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Hardware acquisition

IDS can help you source Peplink hardware to ensure you get the right equipment and solutions for your network. We help you select the right hardware components to meet your needs.

Installation and configuration

IDS can help you implement your Peplink solution. We take care of the installation and configuration of Peplink devices so they're optimally integrated into your existing network infrastructure.

Technical support

As a Peplink Gold Partner, we offer first class technical support. Our experts will help you with any questions, problems or adjustments to ensure your network runs smoothly.

Firmware updates and maintenance

As part of our managed service approach, we keep your Peplink devices up to date with regular updates and maintenance, ensuring the security and performance of your network.

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Contact us to find out more about our Peplink services and customised solutions. Our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you optimise your network.

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