managed IT services

5 reasons to move your IT into the
hands of IDS

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Clear - Transparent - Measurable

Your IT department is hopelessly overloaded with daily routine tasks? Do you lack personnel resources or do you not have the necessary know-how on a certain topic in-house?

Then create freedom and relieve your IT department by outsourcing defined services with a managed service contract from Inter Data Systems. Based on an agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement), the services can be individually tailored to your needs. You can measure and evaluate the fulfillment of the services as well as the quality via the SLA and thus have full control at all times. Managed services are possible for any size of company.

Plannable expenditure

At first glance, managed services seem expensive. Especially small companies can be deterred by the costs. But the monthly running costs are calculable. Quite in contrast to significantly higher expenses in the event of a total failure.

Recurring services" are defined for which a fixed monthly flat rate is agreed, e.g. on-call duty and SLAs as well as a technical service that explicitly relates to the managed topic. As a rule, hourly or man-day quotas are agreed for this.

Our Managed Services

  • Central monitoring of your IT infrastructure by AktivCARE with PRTG from Paessler AG
  • Operation of your active network components and firewall systems
  • Maintenance of your IT infrastructure
  • Management of operational faults through SmartPACT

Example: Monitoring of the infrastructure

  • Functionality monitoring
  • Monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Alarming in case of errors or exceeding of limit values according to customer specifications (personnel and technical redundancy)
  • Reporting

Prevention instead of reaction

The concept of Managed Services is prevention instead of reaction. In the classic service model, the IT service partner only comes into play when an incident occurs, and then takes on the role of problem solver.

In contrast, as a managed service provider, Inter Data Systems bears operational responsibility for the customer systems entrusted to us. Thus, it is in our best interest that your systems run as smoothly as possible.

For this reason, remote monitoring of your systems is essential for us. We want to defuse potential incidents before they escalate, saving time and effort for all parties.

Advantages of Managed Services

We take responsibility for providing the agreed service and manage the services on your behalf, which brings numerous benefits.

They reduce their economic and technical risks and gain free resources. The Costs for the various IT services become transparent and easy to calculate thanks to the precisely defined tariff models. By agreeing service level agreements, the quality and provision of services are guaranteed and measurable. Thanks to our many years of experience as an IT service provider, we have the necessary know-how to be able to provide you with state-of-the-art, high-performance services. Due to the modularity of our services, your IT services can be expanded flexibly and without your own investment. If services are no longer required, the agreements can be adapted accordingly.

We would be happy to work with you to develop the right solution for your individual requirements.