5 reasons to entrust
Your IT to IDS

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Clear - Transparent - Measurable

Is your IT department hopelessly overwhelmed with daily routine tasks? Do you lack the personnel resources or the necessary expertise on a specific topic in-house?

Then create freedom and relieve your IT department by outsourcing defined services with a managed service contract from Inter Data Systems. Based on an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA), the services can be tailored to your specific needs. You can measure and evaluate the fulfilment of services and their quality through the SLA, giving you full control at all times. Managed Services are possible for companies of any size.

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Predictable costs

At first glance, Managed Services may appear expensive. Small companies, in particular, may be deterred by the costs. However, the monthly recurring costs are predictable, unlike significantly higher expenses in the event of a total breakdown.

"Recurring services" are defined, for which a fixed monthly fee is agreed upon. This could include on-call availability, SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and specialized expertise specifically related to the managed topic. Typically, hour or man-day quotas are agreed upon for these services.


Our managed services

  • Central monitoring of your IT infrastructure through AktivCARE with PRTG by Paessler AG
  • Operation of your active network components and firewall systems
  • Maintenance of your IT infrastructure
  • Management of operational disruptions through SmartPACT

Example: Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Functionality monitoring
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitoring
  • Alerting in case of errors or exceeding predefined thresholds according to customer specifications (personnel and technical redundancy)
  • Reporting

Prevention instead of reaction

The concept of Managed Services focuses on prevention rather than reaction. In the traditional service model, the IT service partner only becomes involved when an incident occurs, taking on the role of problem solver.

In contrast, Inter Data Systems, as a Managed Service Provider, assumes operational responsibility for the customer systems entrusted to us. Therefore, it is in our best interest to ensure that your systems run as smoothly as possible.

For this reason, remote monitoring of your systems is essential to us. We aim to defuse potential incidents before they escalate, saving time and effort for all parties involved.

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Advantages of managed services

We take responsibility for delivering the agreed-upon services and manage them on your behalf, offering numerous advantages.

You reduce your economic and technical risks while gaining free resources. The costs for various IT services are transparent and easily calculable through precisely defined pricing models. By establishing Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the quality and provision of services are guaranteed and measurable. With our extensive experience as an IT service provider, we have the necessary expertise to deliver cutting-edge and high-performance services in line with the latest technology standards. The modularity of our offerings allows for flexible expansion of your IT services without requiring your own investments. If services are no longer needed, the agreements can be adjusted accordingly.

We are happy to collaborate with you in developing the right solution to meet your specific requirements.