5 reasons for IT services with SmartPACT®

Cost control with a flexible contract model

Save up to 70 % on your maintenance costs over manufacturer list prices with a SmartPACT maintenance contract from Inter Data Systems! Our SmartPACT is a cost-effective alternative to the manufacturer and can be customized to include your server and storage landscape in addition to your network environment.

You determine the ideal SLA's and runtimes of individual devices of your IT infrastructure and our experts work out an individual and flexible contract model based on your requirements.

SmartPACT® service worldwide

We provide support through 11 service locations in Germany, qualified service staff, a professional 24-hour hotline and up to 4-hour response time plans.

Through our global partner network, we can also cover the coverage of your worldwide hardware assets. Strategic partnerships with international Third Party Maintenance companies (TPM), which we have developed over the past 30 years, enable us to offer you our services consistently and independant of any manufacturer in over 160 countries.

EOL/EOS Service and Support

Has a manufacturer told you that support for a particular product is being discontinued with and end-of-life or end-of-service announcement?

This means that the range of platforms you are using is no longer expanded and no updates or new expansion modules will be added to the product range. Usually one year later, the manufacturers also stop selling the deovice and shortly thereafter all corresponding services are discontinued.

Inter Data Systems offers you maintenance service, supply of spare parts and support for these devices, far beyond the EOL or EOS period of the manufacturer. As a manufacturer-independent Third Party Maintenance company (TPM) we are able to operate your hardware for at least 10 years past the EOL/EOS date at high quality at very reasonable prices.

Service Level Agreements

The SmartPACT® service packages are configured individually and precisely for each customer. You decide what happens in the event of an outage and how to react. No matter whether it is a minor malfunction or a major hardware failure, we will help you immediately via remote maintenance or with a qualified technician on site.

Our 24/7 hotline together with our logistics services and our own spare parts stock are important building blocks for securing your IT service. The availability of your IT and your network are of utmost importance to us. With these in house tools we can guarantee the steady uptime of your IT infrastructure with a SmartPACT maintenance contract and the appropriate SLA.

Everything from a single source - Hardware Lifecycle Management

In addition to the maintenance of your IT infrastructure, we are can also take care of your entire hardware lifecycle needs. That includes the acquisition (new, used and refurbished hardware) to the roll out, operation, maintenance, roll back, refurbishing and remarketing of your IT infrastructure. We always apply a holistic view to your entire project.

We would be happy to work with you and develop the right solution for your individual requirements.