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Ekahau Site Survey in professional use.

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WLAN Site Survey with IDS

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A functioning WLAN can only be based on the results of a complete and thorough WLAN site survey. To ensure that this works with the best efficiency and coverage, it requires a professional analysis of the current state.

Our specialists analyze your needs together with you and thus define the goals to understand your requirements for the WLAN and develop an individual and manufacturer-independent solution from the established parameters. During the process, structural and constructional conditions, the existing frequency usage as well as possible sources of interference are examined and taken into account when planning the WLAN solution.


The evaluation of the produced documentation, represents the basis for an optimal plan.

We use the intelligent planning software of market leader EKAHAU for an optimal planning solution. Based on building and floor plans, our specialists can make estimations about the ideal locations for access points and the expected costs to provide a bill of materials. The EKAHAU heatmap can be used to measure and evaluate airtime usage, channel overlap, access point number and signal strength.

This allows our specialists to migrate simulated spectral analyses, protocol analyses and network analyses into the planning phase. From this information an ideal design can already be created before the selection of any hardware is made and thus save unnecessary trail and error during later process stages.

Simulation / Illumination / Spectral Analysis

The focal point of a professional WLAN solution from Inter Data Systems is always the site survey or spectral analysis on site and a simulation of the conditions with expert systems. The planning of a completely new WLAN or the optimization or interference suppression of an existing WLAN must always be based on sound knowledge of the current situation. This is the only way to clearly identify interference factors such as microwaves, wireless telephones or radio. With the help of spectral analysis, our IT specialists can carry out a well-founded troubleshooting of your existing WLAN infrastructure.

The following services are provided:

  • Detection of existing interference sources by means of spectrum analysis hardware
  • Identification and localization of WLAN interferers and non-WLAN signals (e.g. radio telephony & microwaves)
  • correction of interference with targeted adjustments
  • Quality assurance of the WLAN
  • Creation a documentation


Inter Data Systems offers you an innovative solution consulting based on the information gained during the WLAN illumination and the resulting parts list. Through the use of professional measurement software, technical expertise and years of market experience, Inter Data Systems lays the foundation for your reliable WLAN with its WLAN coverage consulting. As an independent IT system house, we are not tied to the products of specific manufacturers or software houses, which enables independent, cross-platform and objective consulting.


Everything from one source

As an interdisciplinary system house, we can offer you a holistic solution for your WLAN, from planning to implementation and operation. With the knowledge and experience from many successful WLAN projects, we develop the right solution for your individual requirements together with you. With us, the entire process, from consulting to procurement to technical implementation, is under one roof.

The certified WLAN experts at Inter Data Systems will be happy to advise you.

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