How important is the location of a maintenance partner in a networked world?

The world is moving ever closer together thanks to digital networking. Distances and locations are becoming less and less important. Data centers make any resource and software available anytime and anywhere. For the user, this state of affairs is ideal, as services can be ordered on a performance basis. This reduces costs and shifts issues such as provisioning and security completely to the service provider. As long as there is an appropriately performing internet connection, the services can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

But what happens when there is a problem? When a failure occurs in the data center, the location of the maintenance partner becomes one of the most important factors. If users expect permanent availability of services, the distance from the technician and spare part to the faulty system becomes critical. The longer the faulty system is not repaired or replaced, the more revenue is lost and the greater the user's displeasure.

With our central warehouse in Maintal near Frankfurt am Main, Inter Data Systems is located a maximum of 24 kilometers from all major data centers in the catchment area. Even data centers in cities outside the Frankfurt metropolitan region, such as Rüsselsheim, can be reached in less than an hour. Together with the new construction of the largest data center in Europe, which is being built just 8 kilometers from us in Hanau, this positions us as the optimal partner for the maintenance of networks and servers at these locations. As a long-time specialist for enterprise level networks from all major manufacturers, we have a lot of experience in analyzing and troubleshooting complex WAN environments. We can react quickly and efficiently with trained personnel and extensive spare parts stocks.

Well-known retailers from the food and textile sectors as well as online retailers rely on our expertise to operate their global networks.

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