5 reasons for the use of
SD-WAN / Mobile Internet from IDS

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Central management

Network administration requires constant attention: from standardizing device configurations to monitoring network health to urgent troubleshooting.
With Peplink's InControl2, you combine all aspects of site networking via SD-WAN in one easy-to-use tool. Device control, monitoring and management of your network coupled with GPS tracing and the ability to control everything from a simple user interface give you great time savings, full cost control, groundbreaking flexibility and unparalleled clarity!

By connecting InControl 2 to your IT infrastructure, data is aggregated to generate useful reports on all aspects of your network. From a single screen, you can push configurations to all endpoints.

Uninterrupted Internet

The advantage of site networking with Peplink is the bundling of multiple networks into one VPN solution. The Balance SD-WAN router family from Peplink enables the bundling of stationary and mobile transmission paths into one trunk and thus achieves the highest reliability of Internet connectivity.

Let your branch offices collaborate with high speed and security, no matter where they are in the world. Connect your mobile workforce and mobile equipment together with your branch offices using encrypted VPN communications in a secure and easy-to-scale network.

With SD-WAN, the VPNs of all connected devices are used faster and more efficiently by combining them into a single WAN link, allowing the bandwidths of all devices to be shared depending on their location. This process translates into up to 80 % savings over comparable solutions based on traditional WAN or other expensive links.

Mobile Internet

Peplink's MAX cellular router with one or more LTE modems provides connectivity where wired connectivity is not possible. Monitor your machines or create secure connections to the Internet or corporate headquarters from any type of temporary or mobile location. Peplink's hot failover feature keeps your secure connection constant even while moving.

With built-in GPS fleet tracking and InControl 2 Management's cloud architecture, you can control and configure your mobile network from anywhere.

Site networking

Site networking with a VPN solution from Peplink offers itself as a cost-effective MPLS alternative. Up to 80% of your network costs can be saved by eliminating expensive MPLS lines.

VPN solutions are suitable for small and large companies. Secure data exchange and smooth communication can be enabled regardless of location. Peplink's SpeedFusion technology makes it possible to bundle a wide range of connection technologies, from ADSL and fiber to LTE, into a harmonious whole. In particular, the uncomplicated nature of the application enables secure, fast and smooth data exchange even in turbulent times.


Peplink's SD-WAN solutions are industry agnostic and can be found in a variety of vertical markets including emergency services (police), government, automotive, IT, traffic, transportation & logistics, retail, construction (trades), agriculture, industrial and insurance.

As a Gold Partner, Inter Data Systems is your contact for SD-WAN solutions with Peplink. Our 30 years of experience in implementing pan-European WAN solutions in a wide range of industries coupled with our Peplink certified technicians make us your partner for SD-WAN solutions.

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