5 reasons for the use of
SD-WAN / Mobile Internet from IDS

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Central management.

Device control and management with simple operation using InControl2. Very high time savings, full cost control, groundbreaking flexibility and unique clarity!

Uninterruptible Internet.

VPN connectivity, bundling. The Balance SD-WAN Router gives you control of your WAN and achieves the highest level of Internet connectivity reliability.

Mobile Internet.

Mobile routers with one or more LTE modems enable connectivity where wire connections are not possible. Monitor your machines, establish secure connections to the Internet or company headquarters from temporary locations or from all types of mobile vehicles.

Location networking.

VPN solutions for small and large companies. Secure data exchange and smooth. Communication, fast, simple, secure!

Independent of industry.

Emergency services (police), authorities, automotive, EDP & IT, traffic, transport & logistics, retail, construction (trade), agriculture, industry, insurance

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