Every customer is different, each solution individual

The customers of Inter Data Systems are a colorful mix, from one-man companies to international corporations. Our customers come from all industries from banking and automotive to government and trade. Many years of experience and a high degree of professional competence from many successful projects distinguish us in particular.

We are proud of every project and that we contribute to the success of our customers with our innovative solutions.

Our projects


Inter Data Systems helps Beurer optimize the WLAN in logistics and migrate to the cloud. With Cisco and AWS, the entire WLAN can be managed with high performance and independent of location.

Meat Supply Center

Especially in the food industry, maintaining the cold chain is essential. When the operation of a business depends on a critical system, it cannot be run inefficiently. Inter Data Systems helped the Rhein/Main Meat Supply Center debug its SPS7-based control system to ensure smooth operations.

Westphalian University

Critical hardware fails and needs to be replaced. The perfect example of protecting your hardware in case of an emergency.

The Inter Data Systems SmartPACT in action.

ADstore / filmproduction rhein-main

Uninterrupted video streaming for media and advertising agency from the Rhine-Main area.

Here is a selection of our customers from the following industries: Insurance, finance, healthcare, automotive and system houses.