Media and advertising agency integrates uninterrupted video streaming

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Although streaming is becoming increasingly important, Germany still lacks rudimentary connections and infrastructure for stable lines - even in large companies. If, for example, you rely on already existing, unstable WLAN connections for the transmission of soccer matches, events or news, this can quickly lead to interruptions or even failures. The Mainz-based media and advertising agency ADstore / filmproduction rhein-main previously relied on LTE bonding and the use of KA-SAT for its streaming services, but even here the connections were often unreliable. The agency was therefore looking for a secure alternative to enable uninterrupted and high-performance live broadcasts.

Author: Samira Liebscher, freelance journalist

Solution sought for interference-free live streaming

Uninterrupted data transmission is often crucial to ensure that the video signal reaches the viewer in top quality and without interference. To meet these requirements, the agency's managers went in search of a future-proof solution. It was important that it also enabled transmission via the mobile streaming studio. While searching for a suitable service provider, ADstore / filmproduktion rhein-main came across the value-added distributor Vitel. "We then found the products of the manufacturer Peplink on the website of the European distributor and were referred to the certified integration partner Inter Data Systems GmbH by Mr. Yilmaz, the managing director of Vitel GmbH. IDS GmbH is located near us, so we already had good geographic conditions here for a quick project completion," says Greg Kwiatkowski, Marketing Communications Manager at ADstore / filmproduction rhein-main. "Vitel put us in touch with IDS, and after a one-hour conversation it quickly became clear that the integration partner had an optimal solution for our requirements in the form of the Peplink MAX HD4 MBX router. We were particularly impressed by the difference in quality compared to other common solutions, the expected performance and, above all, the flexibility of use.

Bundled bandwidth for uninterrupted connections - on site and on the move

After a three-hour briefing by Dr. Christoph Franke, Managing Director of IDS GmbH and Peplink-certified technician, Greg Kwiatkowski was able to autonomously set up and control the Peplink router on site. The MAX HD4 MBX features two LTE antennas, three WAN ports and eight additional ports for free selection. Another important advantage for uninterrupted live streaming from ADstore / filmproduktion rhein-main is Peplink's SpeedFusion™ technology. Through this, the device is able to bundle the bandwidth from DSL, MPLS, 3G and 4G LTE from up to four mobile connections into one high-speed SD-WAN connection. If there is a fault in one of the connections during everyday use, it is detected by the system, which then redirects the data traffic at packet level directly to an alternative connection. This makes it possible to stream video and transfer large files quickly even in remote areas with limited Internet access.

In addition, a virtual machine, FusionHub, is available to the agency. This can be used to create SpeedFusion™ connections between cloud servers and physical Peplink devices. Via this virtual machine, the data transmitted via the streams is doubly secured against hacker attacks or other cyber pests. In addition, this software supports a fail-safe connection and bandwidth bonding, which contributes to the high performance - in terms of bandwidth - and absolute reliability of the stream.

Mobile streaming studio always on air

A stable and powerful Internet connection is crucial for uninterrupted streaming. In particular, live streams that may be recorded on the go present enormous challenges for those responsible. "The Peplink router opened the door for us to host our first successful promotional events with reliable video streaming. The router's eight additional ports, handy size and rugged form also mean we're always able to offer our streaming service on the go," says Greg Kwiatkowski. When he's on tour with his mobile studio, he simply attaches the Pepwave antenna to his minivan, ensuring an uninterrupted high-bandwidth connection at all times while on the road. "So far, we haven't had a single outage thanks to the new router solution. We also use it in part for secure (stand-alone) lines as part of virtual events or even in the office when secure lines are needed, as we have not yet had a connection there - despite fiber optic cables in front of the house," says Greg Kwiatkowski. Currently uses ADstore / filmproduction rhein-main 20 % of bandwidth that the solution can enable. Thus, the foundation has already been laid should the company's streaming service be further expanded in the future.