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The world is moving ever closer together thanks to digital networking. Distances and locations are becoming less and less important. Data centers make any resource and software available anytime and anywhere. For the user, this state of affairs is ideal, as services can be ordered on a performance basis. This reduces costs and shifts issues such as provisioning and security completely to the service provider. As long as there is a suitably performant internet connection, services can be accessed anytime, anywhere. But what happens when
We congratulate Mr. Martin Keller on his certification as Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert. With this increase in know-how, we are considerably expanding our specialist capacities in the area of PRTG and look forward to new and challenging projects with Paessler PRTG.
As environmental issues become increasingly important, companies need to assess the impact of their business on the environment. This means addressing not only the appropriate disposal of consumables such as paper and disposables, but also that of complex devices such as information and computer technology (ICT). ICT devices are extremely resource and energy intensive in their manufacture. Although their lifespan can be considerable, they will eventually need to be replaced. However, the disposal of ICT devices presents many challenges.
Software is the engine for successful and productive work in companies of all industries. From specialized production applications to simple MS Office licenses, everything is available. Software accounts for almost 30% of all IT costs in German companies. What many decision-makers are not aware of, however, is that since a landmark ruling by the EU Court of Justice in 2012, trading in used software licenses is permitted. With the sometimes large investment sums for volume licenses, uncertainty is natural for those responsible for the budget. However, especially
After a very good first quarter of 2021, we are proud to announce that we were able to improve our partner status with Paessler AG to Gold. The great response to the topic of Unified Infrastructure Monitoring has led to successes of our experts in the implementation of projects with PRTG in the last five months. With our triple qualification of Paessler Certified Training, Enterprise and Gold Partner, we now belong to a highly sought-after group of PRTG specialists. We are pleased