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Unified IT Monitoring

One solution for your entire IT infrastructure.

Our approach is based on the PRTG monitoring tool from Paessler AG and is the unified monitoring solution for your entire IT infrastructure. Customizable dashboards, reports and notifications make monitoring with PRTG simply smart.

With our solution you are able to monitor all your devices - whether in the neighbouring building or worldwide.


The PRTG Monitoring Tool from Paessler AG is a vendor-independent solution with predefined sensors and templates for a wide range of devices, operating systems and applications from common manufacturers. Furthermore, the integration of Application Programming Interface technology (API) allows the inclusion of devices and machines that cannot be detected by other monitoring tools. PRTG allows you to monitor your entire operation, not just your network. Keep an eye on the accessibility and performance of all business-critical components and ensure their availability, e.g.

  • Hardware (network, storage, WLAN, telephony)
  • Application (operating systems, applications, processes)
  • Cloud (applications, services, software in the cloud)
  • Environment (e.g. power consumption, temperature)
  • Remote (central monitoring of multiple locations)

Increased safety - Flexible alarming

Increase the security of your IT network through early detection of anomalies, for example cyberattacks. Define your own thresholds for alerts and errors as well as extensive notification functions (email, SMS, push notifications, execution of programs or scripts, etc.). The ability to run the central instance of PRTG in your cloud enables uninterrupted monitoring of your IT infrastructure, even when parts of the network are unavailable. This allows you to be active without losing the overview.

Minimize downtime with proactive monitoring, instant alerts for outages, hardware and software overloads, line faults, or bandwidth bottlenecks.

Reporting and cost reduction

PRTG allows you to create individual reports in different formats and on different devices. This allows you to monitor the information that is important for your business at any time and from any location. In addition to monitoring the IT infrastructure, you can use the reports, for example, for the verification of SLAs and performance analysis. Your reporting is the optimal aid for investment decisions for hardware and software based on empirical, long-term data evaluations and for optimizing the use of existing services and devices.

Monitoring for every industry

Every industry has its own requirements and challenges. Whether it's IT in the manufacturing industry, healthcare or government IT environments:
PRTG offers everything you need to monitor your company's IT.

For example, in the hospital environment, you can monitor the classic IT infrastructure, but also the medical systems. Classical IT systems and medical IT must work together seamlessly and require central monitoring. PRTG from Paessler provides you with exactly that!

We would be happy to work with you to develop the right solution for your individual requirements.