Rent instead of buy or Hardware-as-a-Service

If you want to assert yourself on the market, you not only have to continuously
but also very often the underlying hardware and software package of
Renew IT infrastructure. But new, cost-intensive hardware does not have to
are inevitably bought. Inter Data Systems offers its customers interesting
rental models.
The contract period is usually between one and several years. If there is a
bottleneck, a company can also purchase the required equipment at short notice and for
shorter terms to rent. The biggest cost advantages of Hardware-as-a-Service
however, arise with longer running times, since here, in addition to repair and maintenance of the
hardware, extensive service packages can also be rented.
Advantages of the HW rent:

  • Relieve your IT department, which may be spending too much time with provisioning
    and managing devices.
  • HW rent keeps existing reserves in the company and thus strengthens its own
    Credit rating.
  • With HW-Rental you are always up to date with the latest technology.
  • Fast response to changing business requirements.
  • With the remarketing of the old devices there is no administrative effort at all

Rented hardware offers many more advantages!
Talk to us on the subject of rent, we will be happy to advise you.
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