Managed Services

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Consulting and creation of concepts with and for the customer, e.g. operation, design, fault or maintenance concepts.


Operation and management of components and networks, such as your LAN, WLAN or your mobile Internet including professional monitoring.

Malfunction processing.

Processing and rectification of infrastructure faults including 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support, on-site or remote or just spare parts logistics?


Maintenance activities and periodic testing such as software updates, hardware maintenance, contract management, redundancy and/or compliance testing.


All services are available in modules and are adapted to your specific needs in cooperation with you. Various forms of cooperation are possible, depending on which tasks you may wish to take on yourself or have delegated to service providers or intend to do so in the future.

Since 1991, Inter Data Systems GmbH offers efficient consulting, competent service and comprehensive support for your IT infrastructure.

We have set ourselves the goal of always bringing out the best for our customers, whereby the special strength of Inter Data Systems lies in innovative solution consulting.

Our services are not linked to the products of specific manufacturers or software houses, which enables us to provide independent, cross-platform and objective consulting. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in IT system maintenance and system support.

By cooperating with Inter Data Systems, we guarantee the trouble-free operation of your IT infrastructure.