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IT value-added and logistics services

The Inter Data Systems logistics centre is located in Maintal near Frankfurt am Main. From this central location not far from the European logistics hub of Frankfurt Airport, you can obtain all IT value-added and logistics services throughout Europe from a single source.

Our portfolio ranges from storage, packaging, repackaging, labeling and shipping of goods to services for end customers such as staging, roll out and roll back, or the assumption of individual assembly and repair steps, RMA processing or an exchange service as well as refurbishing, remarketing or professional disposal of your old IT infrastructure.

Staging and Roll Out Services

Our efficient configuration center with flexible staging area allows our specialists to set up, configure and test your hardware. Our certified technicians have the experience and the necessary know-how to implement even complex installations and to replace complete IT landscapes in the shortest possible time. We have been operating this service successfully throughout Europe for years. Our staging area allows the simultaneous connection of many systems and 24/7 remote availability. The installation and configuration of the firmware can be done here by our experts or remotely by your employees. The great advantage of our service is the combination of technology, logistics and storage under one roof.

We offer the following services as part of our staging and roll out services:

Receipt and inspection of goods, complete assembly and testing of your systems, installation and pre-configuration of your systems with standard and individual software, conversion of systems, installation of hard disks and cards as well as conversion of storage capacity, application tests, interim storage, packaging material handling and disposal, on-time shipment to the locations for roll-out, roll-out.

Roll Back, Refurbishing and Remarketing

In order to meet the increasing technology and user requirements, the IT infrastructure in many companies is constantly being renewed. However, due to the longevity of IT equipment, IT components could and should be reused. The reuse of hardware is also ecologically sustainable and economically sensible.

We offer the following services as part of the roll back, refurbishing and remarketing process: Dismantling and roll back of your hardware, cleaning of the systems, data deletion according to specified standards, system & function test, restoration of the delivery condition, recording of all relevant system information in documentation, upgrading and refurbishing of systems, repair center, storage, remarketing, professional disposal.

Warehouse and logistics

Our logistics centre has a capacity of approx. 3,500 sqm high-bay warehouse with 1,000 pallet spaces. Professional goods handling, a flexible warehouse operation and just-in-time processing are our speciality.

Our logistics area offers you:

24/7 access (with security staff), warehouse cage systems, video surveillance, flexible insurance, heating/ventilation, goods lock, roller doors, truck ramp, administration.

Everything from one source

Efficiency, know-how and speed are the success factors of our IT value-added services.

Our IT services go beyond traditional logistics services. Our claim is to provide the entire spectrum of IT services in the field of logistics as a holistic solution.

Well-known market participants such as Internet service providers as well as well-known retail chains, chain stores and OEM manufacturers have been using our IT value-added and logistics services and our Europe-wide on-site service trustfully and successfully for a long time.

We would be happy to work with you to develop the right solution for your individual requirements.