HW Procurement & Rent

Supported Manufacturer

5 reasons your hardware at
the IDS for rent

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Time period.

You only need the devices for a short period of time, e.g. in a project, a trade fair, a congress or a network party.
Individual running times.

Depreciation periods.

You need equipment that you want to use for significantly shorter periods than the statutory depreciation periods,
such as powerful PCs.


IT is not your core competence and you do not want to deal with the procurement or operation of the IT infrastructure.


More planning security and flexibility, no withdrawal
of liquidity at the time of investment, as the equipment
is not part of the fixed assets but represents
operating expenses.
Therefore no up-front investment necessary.

Purchase on trial.

You are interested in certain components, but would like to test them intensively in your IT infrastructure in advance and only then make a purchase decision. Individual running times.

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