Hardware Lifecycle Management

Hardware Lifecycle Management is a holistic approach to managing the entire useful life of your IT hardware, from acquisition, through operation and maintenance, to proper disposal. It therefore concerns the phase before, the phase during as well as the phase after the use of the hardware.

The experts of Inter Data Systems GmbH support and advise you competently and manufacturer-neutrally in each of these phases. In the phase before the use of the hardware is the consultation, the procurement - whether new, used, or refurbished - and the question of renting, leasing, financing or cash purchase.

The phase during the use of the hardware includes the configuration, set-up, maintenance and monitoring of the systems as well as the End of Life (EoL) or End of Support (EoS) management.

The after-use phase deals with topics such as the re-marketing of your hardware or the proper disposal and recycling of the infrastructure.

30 years of experience and a high degree of expertise from many successful projects distinguish us in particular to support and advise you in your IT lifecycle management - vendor-independent, cross-platform and objective!


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