Used software licenses as an inexpensive alternative

Software is the engine for successful and productive work in companies of all industries. From specialized production applications to simple MS Office licenses, everything is available. Almost 30% of all IT costs in German companies are attributable to software.

What many decision makers do not know, however, is that since a landmark ruling by the EU Court of Justice in 2012, the trade in used software licenses is permitted.

With the partly large investment sums for volume licenses, uncertainty is a matter of course for those responsible for the budget. However, especially here the supply with used licenses is interesting, because the higher the investment volume, the more budget can be saved by purchasing used software.

Used software is absolutely equivalent to new software. Unlike hardware, software does not wear out. Functionality, security, support and quality do not differ from expensive new purchases. Only the price shows signs of wear and tear, which can be up to 70% below the price of new.

The usage rights are acquired from overcapacities such as insolvencies or company mergers, in order to then be sold on.


With used software you can exploit a great savings potential, which relieves the IT budget considerably and creates free space for other projects.