Extreme networks continue to rapidly expand the cloud footprint

Successful extension of ExtremeCloud IQ to the entire family of edge switches and access points with a simplified license model
The new cloud-based kit for portable branch offices and the Rapid Outdoor Connectivity Kit gives companies the much-needed opportunity to provide reliable and secure network access anywhere
SAN JOSE, California, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Extreme Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR) today announced the rapid expansion of its 4th generation cloud footprint and the successful expansion of its unified management platform ExtremeCloud™ IQ, as well as a new simplified pilot subscription model for its entire family of edge switches and access points. Further proof of the value of cloudization of its portfolio are the new Portable Branch Kits (PBK) and Rapid Outdoor Connectivity Kits (ROCK), which enable companies across all industries to use ExtremeCloud IQ to quickly and securely provision, deploy and manage connectivity in step with organizational requirements to provide secure, reliable network access anywhere - a capability that has never been more relevant than during this pandemic.

Important facts:

ExtremeCloud IQ is the first network-focused cloud management architecture that features both cloud hosting agnostics and cloud operating system agnostics. It's a machine-learning and AI-driven cloud management platform that simplifies onboarding, configuring, monitoring, managing, troubleshooting, alerting, and reporting for network infrastructure devices, and is unmatched in its ability to give administrators a 360- Degree view of the condition and performance of devices, clients, applications and networks.
ExtremeCloud IQ acceptance has increased by 40% in the past 12 months. Today, it manages over 1 million devices with an average of more than 25,000 administrator logins per day and receives over 4 billion administrative messages daily that feed its machine learning and artificial intelligence engine. ExtremeCloud IQ has 15 regional data centers worldwide, which are hosted by Amazon, Google and soon Microsoft, so that the managed infrastructure devices and the clients connected to them can process more than 4 petabytes of data per day.
Extreme has moved quickly and ahead of schedule to make ExtremeCloud IQ available on all of Extreme's edge solutions, including the world-class X465 stackable Gigabit Ethernet switch, the best-selling X440-G2 family of scalable, cost-effective switches, and ExtremeWireless™ access points and controllers, including next-generation Wi-Fi 6 access points and the ExtremeCloud Appliance. Additional parts of the portfolio will be integrated into ExtremeCloud IQ in the coming months to provide IT with advanced platform options and ML and AI capabilities.
Extreme will complete the migration of its market-leading 3rd-generation micro-service cloud architecture to a fully containerized 4th-generation micro-service architecture by the end of April. The updated cloud architecture and the cloud execution model add extensive instrumentation and automation functions, strengthen the proven cloud hosting agnostics and now also make the ExtremeCloud IQ cloud operating system agnostic.
ExtremeCloud IQ is available in several service levels. ExtremeCloud IQ Connect provides basic device management and is free when you purchase any supported hardware platform. ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot builds on the capabilities of Connect and offers advanced infrastructure management, reporting and troubleshooting tools, including ML and AI driven insights and analytics. The new pilot subscription is portable to the entire Extreme product portfolio at the same list price of $ 150, and offers unmatched simplicity and license portability. In addition, the new pilot subscription offers a 90 day data perspective for every customer who purchases the ExtremeCloud IQ pilot subscription from May 2020.
ExtremeCloud IQ also enables you to quickly deploy, deploy, and manage connectivity in distributed locations from anywhere in the world. This enabled the introduction of new, curated Portable Branch Kits (PBK) and the Rapid Outdoor Connectivity Kit (ROCK), with which hospitals and other organizations can extend secure wireless connectivity to pop-up sites to address the quarantine associated with COVID-19, Support test and patient care measures. These cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 solutions offer secure, encrypted access to the existing infrastructure in compliance with HIPAA compliance.