Bottlenecks in semiconductor production influence the worldwide supply situation

As many news websites and blogs have already reported, the bottleneck in semiconductor manufacturing is now hitting the enterprise equipment industry hard. AVM is suspending production of Fritzboxes until further notice, Cisco is expecting significant supply problems over the next 18 months, and even industry giants like Audi are having to shut down production of cars. The ubiquity of computer chips in almost every modern device, be it high-end network equipment or just the washing machine at home, shows how dependent we are on semiconductor manufacturing.

How do you successfully implement your ICT projects in such times? The coordination for the delivery of all individual parts at the same time is already complicated enough due to the logistics situation. The fact that certain parts can only be obtained with exorbitant delivery times or not at all exacerbates the problem.

Instead of buying brand new hardware, the use of refurbished hardware is a cost and time saving alternative. As a rule, used equipment with the desired performance data can be found within the required specifications. Delivery times can thus be drastically reduced. Another positive side effect is the prevention of electronic waste, which can only be disposed of professionally with a great deal of effort and expense. In this way, in addition to achieving the project goals, it is also possible to fulfil one's ecological responsibility as a company.

The market for second-hand IT equipment has always had a shadowy existence, which it definitely does not deserve. In 2018, the volume of sales was estimated at 13.1 billion US dollars. According to a study by VFM, the growth is estimated to reach up to 26.8 billion US dollars in 2026, which would be equivalent to a doubling in just 8 years.

The stigma that used hardware is worn out rarely corresponds to reality. Over 90% of the used devices have no moving parts and are also only under minimal thermal stress. Furthermore, only a fraction of the hardware used is utilized to its load limit. The parts that are subject to wear are in most cases only fans and power supplies. Such components are already provided by the manufacturers as spare parts and can be replaced with new parts at low cost and with minimal effort. The licensing of the devices can also be adapted to the requirements in most cases.

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