Take advantage of the opportunities offered by our security monitoring.

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Faster responses to security threats are at the top of the IT managers’ wish list. Therefore, there is a growing interest in technologies that can be used to automate IT security processes. However, many companies do not use such solutions until they have become victims of a cyber attack.

Our Security Alert Service enables you to keep track of all the security and error messages of your active network infrastructure devices reported by the manufacturer.

Our experts evaluate all safety-relevant messages from network device manufacturers and provide you with significant (critical) information from the manufacturers’ CVE databases. The IDS Security Alert Service can be used to proactively react to safety and error messages and prevent situations that could endanger the operation of the system.


+ regular manufacturer-independent data evaluation of safety & error messages
+ Filtering of security messages + Specific device determination when reporting affected series
+ Device list with S/N and location

If required, let our technical engineers prepare an individual solution concept for you. Combine the IDS Security Alert Service with the IDS Service.